Scheme of Control Agreement

A scheme of control agreement refers to a term used in the construction industry for an agreement between a developer and the local authority. This agreement lays out the conditions and requirements for a particular development. The local authority may require a scheme of control agreement before granting planning permission. The agreement ensures that the developer complies with all the necessary regulations and standards for the specific site.

In the scheme of control agreement, the developer is responsible for providing a range of information, including surveys, plans, and designs. The local authority then checks the documents to ensure that they meet the required standards. If there are any discrepancies or issues, they will be addressed before the developer can proceed with the construction.

The scheme of control agreement is usually specific to the construction site and is tailored to the requirements of the local authority. It outlines the various stages of the development process, including design, construction, and completion. It is essential to note that the agreement is legally binding, and any failure to comply with the terms can lead to penalties and fines.

One aspect of the scheme of control agreement is the provision of infrastructure. The developer may be required to contribute towards the cost of providing infrastructure such as roads, drainage, and public amenities. The agreement will also outline the timeframe for providing the necessary infrastructure.

Another aspect covered in the scheme of control agreement is the protection of the environment. The developer is required to take measures to reduce the environmental impact of the development. This may include measures such as controlling noise pollution, preventing soil erosion, and preserving wildlife habitats.

In conclusion, a scheme of control agreement is an essential part of the planning process for construction. It ensures that the development complies with the necessary regulations and standards. The agreement is tailored to the specific site and outlines the conditions and requirements for the development. The developer must comply with the terms outlined in the agreement, and failure to do so can lead to penalties and fines.