What Is Considered a Contraction

As a copy editor, it`s our responsibility to ensure that written content is clear, concise, and follows proper grammar rules. One area where grammar can become confusing is the use of contractions. Contractions are a shortened form of two words, often using an apostrophe to replace a missing letter.

But what is considered a contraction? Contractions are generally formed by combining a pronoun or auxiliary verb with a verb. For example, ”I am” becomes ”I`m” and ”she will” becomes ”she`ll.” Some contractions also involve a negation, such as ”did not” becoming ”didn`t” or ”would not” becoming ”wouldn`t.”

It`s important to note that contractions are often considered less formal than their full word counterparts. For example, ”I will” is more formal than ”I`ll” and ”it is” is more formal than ”it`s.” Therefore, it`s important to consider the tone and intended audience of your writing when deciding whether or not to use contractions.

In general, contractions are acceptable in most forms of writing, including blogs, social media posts, and informal emails. However, they may not be appropriate for more formal or academic writing, such as research papers or business reports.

It`s also important to be consistent in your use of contractions throughout your writing. If you choose to use contractions, use them consistently throughout your piece. Similarly, if you choose not to use contractions, avoid them entirely.

In terms of SEO, contractions can actually be beneficial for your content. Since people often use contractions when searching for information online, incorporating them into your writing can help your content appear in relevant search results.

In conclusion, contractions are a shortened form of two words that can be used to make your writing more concise and casual. They are generally acceptable in most forms of writing, but it`s important to consider your audience and tone. Additionally, using contractions consistently can help improve your content`s SEO.